What motivated me was the opportunity to tell my story and the hope that even if our circumstances aren’t exactly the same, somebody will see themselves in me

The Starbird lab firmly believes that all people, regardless of background, should have the ability to participate in science and that people of all backgrounds should feel encouraged, supported, and welcomed into the science community, as we truly need scientists from all backgrounds to do the best science. As such, a major goal of the Starbird lab is to create a learning and research environment that reduces barriers to make science truly accessible for all. Our lab visionary, Dr. Starbird, often speaks about how she was a non-traditional student in many ways (links to articles) and how this created a lot of barriers along her journey to becoming a scientist. As such, she is working to build a lab where individual challenges can be addressed collectively to ensure that each person in the lab is able to bring the best version of themselves to their learning and research. This means, for example, that no student should come to lab hungry, unhoused, or lacking basic tools they need for success, such as glasses for vision or a computer for data analysis.

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In order to address these challenges, the Starbird lab has a food pantry that is open to all (not just lab members) and stocked monthly, a donation box, and there is a lot of effort to ensure that members of the Starbird lab are able to meet their individual needs, such as moving expenses for a student whom could not move without them. This fund was set up to support the Starbird lab in creating a culture where science is fun, accessible, and where people feel fully supported in pursuing their research dreams. Funds might be used to support lab outings, cultural events, stocking the lab pantry, and assisting students with emergency aid. Dr. Starbird is happy to answer any further questions about donations (email: ude.cnu.liame@latsyrhc) and we thank you for your support!
Thank you to our past donors:
Dr. Craig Cameron, Professor and Chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, UNC Chapel Hill
Dr. Wendy Salmon, Director, Hooker Imaging Core, UNC Chapel Hill

You can be part of the efforts to welcome and support all peoples in the Starbird Lab!  Join us today by clicking on the “Donate Here” button and see what you can do to contribute to science!