Special sneak peek ;)

Less than a week after the first paper from our postdoc comes out is the first paper from the lab! It’s a commentary on an important and timely issue: Special considerations for the use of AI tools by PEERs as a learning and communication aid

This paper is now available online but will come in print as part of a special JCP issue with contributions from several leading labs. Stay tuned! Check out the paper HERE

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We’re expanding!

The Starbird Lab would like to extend a huge welcome to Johnna Bingham and Camila Arango who will be joining the lab as our new graduate students. Johnna will be working on TAM Receptor Binding and Exosome Trafficking: Implications for Non-Lytic Viral Spread by Enteroviruses​. Camila will be investigating the lipid:receptor:ligand complex of TAM receptors using biophysical approaches such as single-molecule tracking and structural approaches like CryoEM.


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Want to get involved?

Starting today you can be part of the awesome science taking place in the Starbird Lab. We are fortunate enough to have some amazing people supporting us and we’d like to extend an invite to anyone who wishes contribute to making the Starbird Lab a success. Head over to the Donate page to learn more about getting involved with us.


She’s beauty and she’s grace. She continues to motivate us all!

You heard it here folks! Join us in celebrating Skylar for getting an honorable mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. This is a very prestigious award and getting an honorable mention is quite an achievement! Glad we aren’t the only ones now that see Skylar is top notch and that future fellowship is coming! Congratulations Skylar!!!


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Watch out! She’s going places!

Skylar was accepted to attend the Pair-UP Workshop hosted at The Allen Institute in Seattle, WA, and sponsored by the ASCB, BWF, and CZI. Selection for the workshop includes a scholarship to cover the entire cost of the workshop, including travel and accommodations. During the workshop, Skylar will work with imaging scientists to determine how to best utilize cutting-edge imaging techniques to advance her ABCA7 project. Congrats Skylar!

CARES Awardee

We could not be more honored to announce that our wonderful professor, Dr. Starbird, was chosen to be one of three awardees for the fall 2023 CARES (Career Advancement and Research Excellence Support) Awards. CARES is a component of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) organization. The CARES program strives to help researchers reduce financial burdens associated with caregiving and provides an opportunity for recipients to focus on their professional developments.

Check out these websites for more: 

CARES Award Recipients




Starbird Lab welcomes a new Research Technician!

We are very excited to announce that the Starbird Lab has hired on a new technician. Her name Nicole Fournier and she is coming to us all the way from California. Welcome Nicole!

Skylar Grimsley

The Starbird Lab welcomes Skylar Grimsley as our first graduate student

We are very excited to have Skylar in the lab and look forward to seeing her project develop. Skylar will be working on the structural investigation of membrane protein complexes involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Welcome Skylar!